The Party is ON!!

OK, the baby shower is on for the 4th of February. Invites are getting mailed out as we speak. (Thanks U.S. Postal Service for the just in time $0.02 increase!).

Some of you have expressed interest in buying the little tyke (well, not so little) presents. If you wish to do that, there are THREE exciting ways to do that:
Firstly and secondly, we are registered at two places: BabyStyle and RightStart. Just use the links and do a search for either of our names. Since this is the wild and wooly internet, we aren't providing a direct link to the registry because there is personal info there so you'll have to do some searching.
BabyStyle Registery Lookup
RightStart Registery Lookup

A third way, if you are so inclined, is be be a diaper sponsor. To do that call Dy-Dee Diaper service at 1-800-803-9333. This one is under GB's name. Call us if you have questions.

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chaia said:

c u tomorrow! xxoo!

Unka Jef said:

No, I don't want to buy the kid anything... I want to buy THE BABY ITSELF. If the eyes don't stay blue I want my 10% deposit back!

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