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We finally finished painting the baby's room. As you can see, we went with an orange grove theme. Hopefully the little one won't grow up to hate oranges. I guess a quick alteration could make them apples or plums. I put up a bunch of photos documenting the whole process over at flickr.

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Oh yeah! These are going on the top of the bag we bring to the hospital, along with the whiskey and bonbons.

tbborderfront.jpg tbborderback.jpg

Let me know if you want one. If I get enough interest I'll place another order. It won't guarntee you entrance into the delivery room though.
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We've got a special treat for all the loyal readers who have been keeping up with the Belly Blog™ for the past 35 weeks. 3D ultrasounds! Let me just tell you that these scans don't do the real thing justice. Seeing it on the TV screen moving around in real-time is almost as good as having an HDTV. If we had half a brain we would remember to bring a video tape with us to our ultrasounds (or Tivo it) but we keep forgetting. Let's hope the kid gets his/her brains from someone besides the two of us. Anyway, here are the photos:

That's not a deformed hand, it's the kids elbow on the right.

That large bulbuous thing in the lower left is the belly. Taking after its parents there.

What is this primitive thing? Why not just sketch something in stone and put it up? We want 3D!

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