Jonah Turns Two Weeks Young

Jonah with a mohawk

Yowza! Jonah turned two weeks old today. We also had another doctor's appointment to celebrate his birth and increase the size of his fan club. Nurse Kitty has fallen under the spell of Jonah. I saw the two of them talking about a "quick trip to Vegas."
The little tyke weighs in at 9 lbs. and 14.8 oz. Uh, I guess he's not so little. He's gaining about 10 oz. per week right now. Actually, the average is probably more because he lost a few ounces while he was in the hospital but I'm too exhausted to do the math right now. If this keeps up, we should have a formidable middle linebacker by the time he's 7. He only put on about 0.75 of an inch in length though so sadly we won't have a basketball player. NFL, the phone lines are open.
I guess now would be the time to start making jokes about Jonah eating the whale and whatnot. Fire away if you dare to mock my son. I have some choice "packages" that Jonah put together especially for you.
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memere said:

I love the "do"! How did you manage to style it like that? Jonah is certainly his father's son. He doubled his birth weight in about a month!!!

Azriel said:

I was going to say something about Gillian being the whale, but I thought that might get me in trouble. Sorry, just had to put it out there.

Jonah is so frickin handsome. Guess you'll have to be really good parents so he doesn't grow up and sit on you.

Holly said:

I'm totally in love with Jonah already. Give him my phone number.

chaia said:

Moro reflex action shot!

Hey Mom and Dad!

Are you busy or something?!? Time to update the Jonah blog, it's April already! Camera broken? Hope all is well!

chaia said:

The JBM Fan Club (Silverlake Chapter) demands more photos!! Autographed if possible!

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