Meet The Cutest Baby IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

Jonah is born

Jonah Brecker Mason was born today (March 14th) at 2:43PM in Santa Monica. Weighing in a 8 lbs and 10 oz with a length of 20.5 inches making him the strongest baby IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Luckily, he won't have to use his brawn, because he is also the smartest baby IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Needless to say, Gillian (who is a champ and is doing swimingly all things considered) and Seth are quite proud of their little tenderfoot.
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OK, oops, blogging boo boo, posted in the wrong place so here it goes again!!!



Jef said:

Yay!!!!!! Hi mom and dad and baby Jonah!!! Big love and teary eyed kisses and hugs from NYC.

chaia said:

A Purim baby! Time to get him so drunk he can't tell the difference between Haman and Mordechai! Congratulations, you guys!!

Greg Raffelson said:

WOW!!!!! I am so happy about this. Congrats to the two of you. And Jonah, welcome! I wish you much love in your life. You couldn't have better parents.

cheryl said:

Welcome leeeeetle Jonah!
and Much love to you and your wonderful parents. I love you all...

awwwwww....that is one damn cute baby! congratulations you guys. Can't wait to meet the little feller. Doesn't he share the same bday as Margaret?

Anastasia Coon said:

Oh wow! He's beautiful and lovely. Congratulations Gillian and Seth, you're going to be wonderful parents. Hoping to see you soon,
Anastasia (still in Austin, TX)

Martine + Terence said:

Congratulations to the three of you! Can't wait to make Jonah's acquaintance in person...

Todd Rinker said:

Yep. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!

We love you!

Todd, Anne, Megan, and Kathryn

Eve said:

and I LOVE his name.
XOXOXO and Many Many Blessings.
Love from Eve

Kathy said:


love - kathy

Jessica said:

He is the most beautiful baby, it must be seconded! Congratulations baby Jonah for being super smart too - you picked the best parents in the whole world!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I can't wait to hug all three of you!!!!

Chris B. said:

That is one cute baby, no doubt! He's already got a mess of hair! Welcome to Culver City, li'l one, and congrats G&S!

Much love,

shirley anderson said:

That is a beautiful baby! Congratulations ... I never cease to be amazed by the birth of healthy babies. You two are truly blessed. I'm all verclempt and I'm an Irish Catholic! Yeah, now I'm tearing up ... the tears ... the lump in the throat. That's a good little bean you pushed out there, Mommy. And to Seth, that's some good sperm you got there!

Shelly Nielsen said:

Welcome to the world Jonah!Truly the cutest!!! Nice work. Congratulations to you all!

Cathe & Robert James said:

Congrats Gillian & Seth!
He is gorgeous! We are so happy for you both!:) Enjoy every minute with this little cutie, cuz they grow up so darn fast!
I hope you'll bring him in so we can see him! We wish all three of you the best of love & happiness always!
Take care :) Cathe & Robert

Anthony Byrnes said:


Congratulations! He looks strong enough to start stomping now!

Here's to health and joy for the whole family.



Uma said:

What a lucky and beautiful baby to have you two as parents.


Ashley Blumstein said:

Congrats! Yes, he is the most beautiful smartest baby! Can't wait to meet him when I get back to LA. 1...2...3...awwwwwwwwww.
Much love to all three of you!

Ashley B.

James Saidy said:

That is beautiful. Really. I am so happy for you all. Jonah, you got some good folk. Folks, I think you got some good baby. Cannot wait to meet him. Love.

James Saidy said:

oh, and he's a Pisces with a Leo rising and a Virgo moon. This guy's gonna be just fine.

Holly said:

Jonah, you are one lucky boy. You've got great, and really cool, parents. G&S, congratulations!!

xoxo Holly

Arin said:

Jonah is adorable! He may well indeed be the Cutest Baby IN THE WORLD. We'll at least let him borrow the title until our own wee one arrives in early May ;-)

Congratulations, Gillian and Seth, on your healthy, beautiful baby boy!

--Arin and Byrne

heidi mattson whitbread said:

your baby, a miracle, truly. enjoy. enjoy! congratulations to your family. love, Heidi

"the world is so full of a number of things, i'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."
Robert Louis Stevenson, A Child's Garden of Verses, 'Happy Thought' (1885)

graham said:

Way to go Jonah, Seth and Gillian! Glad you are all safe and together at last.
Graham, Laura, O-Man and the Asteroid

Jill Baumgardner said:

Yippee, Yippee, skip along with me b/c Jonah is treading new territory! We all are- Oh golly gracious, I am happy!

Kat Kim said:

Oh Yeah! You guys brought in a handsome one. Great hair whorls, mesmerizing complexion and boy, he sure can work the camera. We have our first kid from the 2005 yoga circle; this is so great. I am really happy for you! And us, we get to watch him grow up.

samantha said:

hey! I left an oblivious message on your voice mail today, unaware that HE HAS RISEN! Congrats on getting though the birth and getting started on the parenting. And he almost has the best name in the world!

Much love to you both. Get some sleep.
Samantha, Frank and Jonas

Uncle Azriel said:

I thought I was done waiting now that the supercute Jonah has decided to join us...but now I'm having trouble waiting to come and see him!!! And I'm all ready to have him see and do everything in wonderland.

I can't believe you made a human being. Geez.

I'll consider it auspicious that last weekend I saw a band called "Jonah" that rocked. They want me to design their new cd. I'm going to have to visit baby Jonah for inspiration.

Congratulations one and all.

Marne said:

And he looks so much like mommy and daddy. I know everyone always says that, but it just amazes me everytime! Genetics are so cool huh? Hugs and kisses,
Marne, Brian & Conor.

Tara Wood said:

I am so happy for you Gillian!!! And Seth too of course! Jonah is adorable! I hope to meet him one day soon.

Blessings always,

Deana Mayland said:

Congrats, you two! May Jonah be blessed with health, love, luck, happiness, and joy wherever he goes in life. May doors open up for him; may his pathway be always bright, and may your new family unit be blessed forevermore! Love, Deana. :-) xx.

Kim Weild said:

YES! YES! YES!!! BEAUTIFUL & BRAINY! How could he not be with two such spectacular parents! CONGRATULATIONS!

He really does look like you both.

I can't wait to meet him in person.

Much love,

terence said:

but does he have a hipster pda yet to keep up with his busy baby schedule? what with mommy's yoga and stomping and daddy's obscure print device extinction saving and tech shenanigans he got a lot going on.
he knows how to roll...

what a beautiful, busy baby boy!

Judy Smith said:

What a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!! Welcome to the world, Jonah! I hope all of you are getting some rest. I look forward to seeing many more photos....


Melly & Rich said:

Oh! Sunday was the first time I had held such a young a baby in my life. He's beauuutiful.

Sara Hua said:

Hi Gillian!

Congrats! Wow - Jonah is SOOO CUTE! And I LOVE that name! I'm so happy to hear everything is great... Steve and I still chat online sometimes.


suzanne vian said:

hi Gillian!

congratulations!!! welcome little yoga baby. what a beautiful little one, well done Gillian (and dad) . FYI at 16 months my son is doing downward dog on demand- i'm convinced it's from all the asana in the belly. what will the future bring? only time will tell. enjoy. it just keeps getting better.



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