It's An Estrogen Fiesta Weekend


Just gearing up for a fun filled weekend with the ladies! The list of beauties signing up to spend time with Jonah this weekend includes one mother, one great-grandmother, three grandmothers and two (maybe three) great-aunts...all at the same time. Admittedly, the mother is always there so he's pretty much used to her. Should be fun for the boy nonetheless. Dad and grandpa will probably be cowering in the corner muttering "where are the damn uncles ."

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Ashley Blumstein said:

This is the cutest picture ever! I can't wait to meet Jonah!

Ashley B.

Ohhh whewwww!!! It's been so long since your last post we figured he started college already! Awww, what a sweet face he has!

Holly said:

Oh lord Jonah is so cute. Please squeeze his cheeks for me.

Bee said:

Jonah is adorable and handsome!

chaia said:

How is it possible that he keeps getting cuter?

Memere said:

Jonah is, by far, the most beautiful baby in the world! It was fantastic to hold him close and see him smile. I wish I lived closer....or could afford weekly cross country trips!

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