Jonah Just Keeps Growing


Woo boy! The boy just keeps getting bigger and bigger. During the last doctor's visit, we learned that little Jonah weighs in at a whopping 11 pounds 10 ounces! For those loyal readers (and we know who you are) counting at home that means a 3 pound increase in four weeks. His growth chart is approaching verticality. And all he's eating is good old fashioned home grown breast milk. Can't weight (ha!) to see how much he puts on when we start feeding him those weight lifting supplements they sell by the oil barrel at the local GNC. Should be fun seeing Dad throw out his back trying to lift the little bundle of love.

Speaking of the doctor's office, Jonah suffered his first heart break. His favorite nurse (Nurse Kittie) is moving onto greener pastures. The trip to Vegas is off. While we wish her the best and will miss her, we also hate her for abandoning our child. Couldn't she have waited until he turned 18?

Thanks to all the dedicated Jonah fans who have written in asking where the heck the new photos are. We promise to post more often as soon as we win the lottery and hire the army of nannies it requires to keep Jonah happy.

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