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The Doctor's appointment on Friday went as well as could be expected considering The Boy was turned into a human pin cushion. He got his shots of DTAP, Comvax, Prevnar and Drano without too much crying. So, if one is to believe the pharmaceutical industry, he shouldn't turn into a werewolf during the next full moon.

The Boy also got weighed and measured by the minions of the doctor. "Little" Jonah is up to 15 pounds and 23 inches in length. And this was after he took a huge crap. No wonder he's so difficult to lift these days. This elicited a "Holy sh*t, that's a big bruiser" from the doctor. Despite comments to the contrary from a certain aunt's co-worker, he is doing fine according to the doctor. So fine, that we can blow off the 3 month doctor's appointment if we want. So take that parent of one-year-old-and-only-16-pounds baby!

Math problem for the kids: If Jonah and his Dad together on a scale weigh 254 pounds, how much time should Daddy spend avoiding baking Tarte Tatin's?

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Not only did Jonah turn 2 months old on May 14th, he also got a chance to celebrate his first Mother's Day with The Brecker. The giggles (from Jonah) were in high form throughout the week as the Mother's Day cards poured into the house and Mom begrudginly accepted her fate. By Sunday, she was loving every minute of it because Jonah baked her a delicious Tarte Tatin as well as a fancy card with his picture in it. Somehow, the little one also managed to whip up her favorite appetizer, Real Food Daily's Lentil Pate. Mmmmmm! Where does he find the time?

Two month check up this Friday for the wee tyke. He's getting three shots so make sure you are all wearing your ear plugs around 4:30 P.M. PST. It's going to get REAL noisy. Stay tuned for exciting updates from shell shocked parents.

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keep on rocking

JBM turned 49 days old today. He is 0.13% of the way towards 100 years old! Time is running out! He better start walking and talking so he can do all the things that he wants to do. So far, those things include screaming as loud as he can from about 6PM to 8PM, staring at the big window that we have in our living room and smiling every so often at his parents.

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