49 Days Old And Still Rocking!

keep on rocking

JBM turned 49 days old today. He is 0.13% of the way towards 100 years old! Time is running out! He better start walking and talking so he can do all the things that he wants to do. So far, those things include screaming as loud as he can from about 6PM to 8PM, staring at the big window that we have in our living room and smiling every so often at his parents.

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Azriel said:

So when exactly do you plan to exploit Jonah's cuteness and make him a child star? Who's his agent? Hurry up and get him out in the market. Time is money folks. There are plenty of stars that can't hold their own head up either.

Robbi said:

Actually, there is a therapeutic technique where you have the person (who is anxious, depressed, ruminating) schedule in time to just focus on those feelings. The hope is that eventually they won't want to spend/waste the time. Normally I don't recommend 2 hours but.....if you have alot of feelings, it may just take that long. I guess he is too young for journaling!???

Arlyn Bruccoli said:

What did JBM do for his Mommy yesterday? His cousin played mini-golf (mother's putt free at Mr Puttz on mother's day!). jake is excited to meet Baby Jonah and so are the rest of the Vermont contingency.

Helene said:

Why can't he journal if you guys are already looking for him to walk and talk. You'll be sorry!!!!!!!!!!

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