Mother's Day and a Psuedo-birthday...oh my


Not only did Jonah turn 2 months old on May 14th, he also got a chance to celebrate his first Mother's Day with The Brecker. The giggles (from Jonah) were in high form throughout the week as the Mother's Day cards poured into the house and Mom begrudginly accepted her fate. By Sunday, she was loving every minute of it because Jonah baked her a delicious Tarte Tatin as well as a fancy card with his picture in it. Somehow, the little one also managed to whip up her favorite appetizer, Real Food Daily's Lentil Pate. Mmmmmm! Where does he find the time?

Two month check up this Friday for the wee tyke. He's getting three shots so make sure you are all wearing your ear plugs around 4:30 P.M. PST. It's going to get REAL noisy. Stay tuned for exciting updates from shell shocked parents.

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Memere said:

Jonah was a very good boy to his mother! Such a thoughtful child.. and so handsome too! I am glad that Mother's Day was an enjoyable day for the Brecker... can't wait to see what the big little guy does for Father's Day!

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