First Father's Day For A Father


Today marked the first Father's Day for the dear old male parental unit of Jonah. The wee one celebrated this momentous occasion by coughing up some dough for a pie baking class at a local cooking school. The jury is still out on whether or not this was entirely self-serving on Jonah's part. He does seem to like pie so we are ready for "GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!" Dad also got a delicious waffle breakfast as well as a cooking apron (for aforementioned pie class). Finally, the tot also kindly refrained from defecating any time he was held by his Dad, which is the best gift he could have given to his Dad (sorry Mom). Good times are here indeed!

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Memere said:

Happy First Father's Day, Daddy of Jonah! Your son is certainly upholding the tradition of being good to his Dad... Cooking class should benefit all, including me when I come to visit! All my love to the Mason Boys on this day after Father's Day...

Carol said:

what a cute picture - nice - can't believe the weight!


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