Jonah is the cultured baby (and not in a yogurt sort of cultured way)

the cuteness

Jonah went on his first trip to a museum today. Got a chance to see the looted Klimts that are currently on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He didn't seem too impressed as he fell asleep as soon as we walked in the door. I guess his art tastes don't run towards early century Vienesse artists. Perhaps Der Blaue Reiters?

Besides museum visits, the latest proclivities of Jonah include jamming both hands into his mouth and trying to suck the fingernails off, drooling all over the front of whatever article of clothing he is wearing and squirming away from whatever is constraining him (e.g. Mom, Dad, car seat, straight jacket, etc). The kid is a natural contortionist let me tell you. He can almost touch the back of his head to his butt. Must have been all the in utero yoga.

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Ian said:

What an adorable cousin I have! I dig the shirt, too. He's destined to have great taste. Perhaps I can furnish him with a baby Clash shirt upon my return.
Best to Jonah and his 'rents.

He is SOOO CUTE!!! Wow, he looks so different in each pic! Why do they have to grow up so fast!? Did I mention HE IS SOOO CUTE!!!

memere said:

Does this mean I have to find cultural entertainment when Jonah and parents fly back to RI? Would RISD be to his liking or should it be more "hands on"??? He is becoming more beautiful.. if that's possible!!

chaia said:

At first glance, I thought the "culture" in the title was referring to Baby's First Punk Show.

Tim said:

Great guns, I only saw him a few days ago and he already looks bigger!!!

whoaa slow down there Jonah-looks like he's ready for first grde already-The ramones?? hmmm-sending a stones t-shirt

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