New Entry To Cutest Baby In the World Pool

We are getting reports from our East Coast correspondents that there's a new kid on the block: a cousin for little JBM. As an experienced and worldly 3 month old, Jonah would like to extend a hearty "welcome to the universe" to his new cousin Oliver Sobering. Initial newsfeeds indicate that the tyke offically entered the cutest baby in the world contest yesterday. Another big entrant too: 21.25 inches long and 8 pounds 11 ounces in weight ( What are all these women eating to grow such big babies?). Everybody is doing great and quite excited with each other.

Hopefully pictures to follow soon. And perhaps a blog for wee Oliver?

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Big baby boys RULE! They lead to big hunka, hunka, tall, strappin' men! Jonah is gonna be one of them! YEAH BABY!

chaia said:

The Jonah Fan Club (Silverlake Chapter) demands photographic documentation of Baby's First Flag Burning.

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