Jonah In Rhode Island


The Biggest Little Baby In The Union met The Biggest Little State In The Union last week. The 1,048,319 inhabitants of Little Rhody (as well as some of our neighbors in Massachusetts and Connecticut) probably heard the squeals of joy when grandson #1 arrived at Chez Memere (that's Grandma's House for all you non-French Canadians out there). From there it was pretty much a game of pass the baby as numerous great-aunts, great-uncles, an uncle, a grandfather, some grandmothers and second cousins showed up to manhandle the little man. Great fun for Mom and Dad. And no one dropped him! Yay!

But now our arms are weak and scrawny from not carrying the boy while we were there. We probably should have carted around a 20 pound bag of potatoes while he wasn't in our arms. Other than that, twas a great trip and everyone had fun fun fun while sweating sweating sweating. Mom and Dad each managed to finish a couple of books which hasn't happened in eons.

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memere said:

My arms are now strong but empty! I miss our morning rocks in the garden room and our quiet time on the hammock.. you are a beautiful baby, Jonah! Thanks go to Mom and Dad for being so good about sharing.. Love to all.

GAT (Great Aunt Therese) said:

Hey, this is just the Jonah picture I have up in my cubicle at work for all to see! It was nice meeting you Jonah. I'm already looking forward to your next visit - maybe we can introduce you to snow, since we introduced you to a good ole New England Heat Wave during this visit.

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