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Pretty big weekend here at Casa JBM. First off, the boy got a new toy, The Baby Einstein Discover and Play Activity Center, on Saturday. His buddy Skyla let him try it out at Klub Kallis on Friday night and he's been loving it ever since. He demanded that we sally forth into the morass that is Target on a Saturday afternoon the weekend before school starts and buy the last one. Although he's only found two of the toys on it, he's been playing with them like no other toys exist in the world. The only downside of the new toy is that it takes up about 47% of our living room. But no sacrifice is too big for the boy. Right? Like sleep?

Speaking of sleep, we started feeding the little non-sleeping monster some solid food to see if that'll help him sleep longer. And by solid food we don't mean rocks and concrete. Strangely enough, rice mixed in with breast milk to a goopy consitency is considered "solid" food. (Don't ask us, we just follow the manual they gave us when we left the store, er, I mean hosptial with him.) He seemed to enjoy about 63% of the meal. His bib and chin didn't seem to mind the other 37%. We'll see if it helps him sleep

UPDATE: First night of solid food causing sleep experiment was not a rousing success. He woke up after an hour. We'll keep plugging away until we get that elusive full night (heck, five hours would be nice) of sleep.

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Memere said:

Jonah, you look like you're enjoying the solid food! Your hair looks so light.. are you going to be a blond like your dad was at a year?? I can't wait to see you.. don't grow too much before I arrive! Love you...

Byrne Reese Author Profile Page said:

I am honestly glad that I am not the only one with this problem. Harper has been doing the exact same thing.

I don't know what happened - he just seemed to regress all of a sudden in his sleep routine waking up every 2 hours or so. What happened!?

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