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People, we have the ultimate present for the little JBM. Imagine the hours and hours of enjoyment that he would get. He'd be singing your praises from the bow of this mighty ship every day! Heck, Dad would be right up there with him if you purchased this club house. And it only costs $18,499.00! And you need to have a forklift ready when it arrives to unload it! It'd probably be helpful if you bought Mom and Dad a house with a yard along with this present so we'd have a place to put it. Don't think it would fit in the dinky front yard of our apartment building.

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Susan Brecker said:

It is done watch for the manifestation.


Great Aunt Therese said:

Cool! I REALLY like it! I have two big trees in my yard. Maybe I'll buy it for myself and Jonah can play in it when he visits his old Great-Aunt....but only after he's toilet trained. Ahoy Matie, no pooping in my treehouse!


Memere said:

What happened to good old fashioned REAL trees?? We have them in Foster.. Jonah can always play here!

seth said:

Memere didn't read the fine print. The base is a real tree hollowed out with a chainsaw. Albeit a tree that's dead and not planted.

How about something like this, Jonah will love it and it solves the problem of not having the house with yard for Mom and Dad! Nic claims eventually Jonah will get tired of the Pirate thing but this one will serve it's purpose for longer! You can start a fundraiser for it, on eBay, like the guy who was selling a what was it? Paperclip(?) Anyhow, Robert wanted me to add that we have a compressor and nail gun complete with nails whenever you want to get started.

seth Author Profile Page said:

Tired of pirates? Not my child.

Hell-I can sail that thing to Key
west-lets buy it!!!!!

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