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Oh jeez is time going by quickly. Little JBM is now 6 months old. Can you believe it dear reader? What was once a glint in Mommy and Daddy's eyes is now a fully realized 6 month old, 20 something pound of flesh and mouth full of splinters baby! It's unreal.

No big plans of celebration here in Casa JBM. Probably just give the tyke some flour and eggs and tell him to make his own birthday cake. We need a self-sufficient baker in the house. Dad's not taking the cake.

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Mayor of Cheekville

The little JBM has really been working on expanding his cheeks (the ones on his face Aunt T.!). A popular expression in Casa JBM is calling the wee tyke the Mayor of Cheekville. Must be all the solid food that he gets on his face. They are really something else. Other things he is working on are sitting up (with a bit of help), eating his feet and sleeping through the night. He's hitting two out of those three right now. Figuring out which one isn't going so well is left as an exercise to the reader. As a hint, another popular expression around the house is Daddy saying "BLLARRGG!! WILL YOU PLEASE GO BACK TO SLEEP!" Don't ask what Mommy says.

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