Six Months Old And Loving Solid Food...Especially Tables


Oh jeez is time going by quickly. Little JBM is now 6 months old. Can you believe it dear reader? What was once a glint in Mommy and Daddy's eyes is now a fully realized 6 month old, 20 something pound of flesh and mouth full of splinters baby! It's unreal.

No big plans of celebration here in Casa JBM. Probably just give the tyke some flour and eggs and tell him to make his own birthday cake. We need a self-sufficient baker in the house. Dad's not taking the cake.

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Right on Jonah! You're such a cool high fiber kinda guy! Kashi, bran, tables all the same thing.

Aunt Therese said:

Poor Jonah - his parents never feed him so he must resort to eating tables! He needs to travel back to RI where his New England relatives will feed him chowda, clamcakes, and lobsta! We'll fatten up the poor boy.

memere said:

Jonah, you little rascal you! Tables are places for plates and napkins, things like that. I'm sure in time your taste preferences will change to something a little less solid!
In ten days, I'll be visiting you!!!

chaia said:

Isn't he supposed to be biting ankles?

chaia said:

I mean, is this cause for concern?

Melly said:

My bunny does that!

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