Jonah On The Move


See the happy boy above? Are you asking yourself: "Self, why would one who poops in his own pants be so darn happy"? Well, the answer you are looking for is skooching. (And don't go using Google to find the definition for that word because this is a G-rated blog). Basically, skooching is propelling yourself across a surface (usually a floor) on your belly using a combination pulling of the hands and the pushing of the legs.

While not the most efficient method of locomotion, it does get one certain seven month old closer to various and sundry objects in Grandma Susan's house (where he refined his skooching technique). Here is a small sampling of strange things that JBM has put in his mouth the past copuple of days (with nary a raised eyebrow from Mom and Dad): low hanging tablecloths, dust bunnies, speaker wires, electrical cords and small dogs. It's a whole new world here people. JBM is on the move people. Everybody do the skooch!

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memere said:

Go, Jonah, Go!!!! You are now able to propel yourself to any place you wish.. maybe Foster, RI could be your next destination??!! I will be Jonah-proofing Winter Woods in preparation for your December visit..Beware, Ye Olde Christmas Tree!

Ashley said:

He is SO cute! I want to see him in person again. It's been too long!

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