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Kicked off our holiday shopping yesterday with a whole bunch of eating at Maison Cowin-Brecker. JBM sampled his first pumpkin and didn't spit it out on the table or his bib or his mom so we think he liked it. Luckily, he also didn't seem phased by the 13 or so crazy adults around the table. He kept us all regaled with tales of living in the womb, running with the bulls of Pamplona and juggling cats. Or at least that's what we thought he was talking about when started screeching with joy after he saw his reflection in the spoon he was holding.

Anyhow, can you guess what we are thankful for this year? Give you a hint: It's almost as big as a Butterball™ turkey but way more mobile.

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Here at Casa JBM we have a little saying: "Vote early, vote often." Unfortunately, the tiniest member of the family didn't get the message because he rolled out of bed at 7A.M (well, not rolled per se, more like yelled out a plaintive "WAH" which means "Is anyone paying attention to me in here? If someone doesn't get in here in the next 30 nanoseconds, I'll be sniffing glue and selling stolen guitars by the time I'm 12! Are you out there?" in Jonahspeak).

I don't know what country he voted in before today but polling stations open at seven o'clock in these parts. Getting up at that hour (which, admittedly, is A-OK on non-voting days), kind of puts the kibbosh on getting there before all the working stiffs. So, we ambled over to the polling station about 10 A.M. where the little one was quite the hit. Volunteers love their JBM! And they let him vote! The punch cards were a little much for him but it was so cute to see him try and shove the ballots into the voting machine. He'll make a fine Republican some day. Just kidding!

By the way, someone out there (and you know who you are) gave my kid a stuffed up nose. That's why he looks partially lobotomized in the photo above. Thanks to you, he turned his crank meter up to 11 today and only took two ever-so-fleeting 30 minute micro-naps. This did not make Mommy very happy. Dad was at work when all this went down so he caught the tail end of the vortex. Anyhoo, you with the cold: you are off the Christmas list. Nyah nyah!

For more cute baby voting photos be sure to check out Harper's photo.

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