This Post Brought To You By Two Upper Teeth


Well, just as our fearless JBM has recovered from a stuffy nose to end all stuffy noses, he starts getting two uppers front and center. Needless to say, he's not the happy go lucky baby you may remember from last year. He does manage to crack a smile every once in awhile. Oh, who are we kidding....despite all the pain he's in, he's the GREATEST BABY IN THE FRICKING WORLD!!!!!!!!

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Robbi said:

I am going to start calling him yummy boy because he is so delicious..well, at least until he is old enough to be embarrassed. I adore him and especially love when he tries to eat his Mommy's face!

Gramma Jan is very impressed! I already have a special toothbrush for Jonah .It's 2"x3" with a little brush tuft on one end. [impossible to swallow the ad says ; baby friendly] Brusha ,brusha.........Jonah is just more adorable each entry -does he ever take a bad photo ?! [ofcourse not] xxoo

memere said:

OF course he's the greatest baby in the whole world! There was never any doubt in my mind..He looks like he's approaching his first birthday with glee!!!

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