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My oh my how time flies. The Boy, he is over 13 months young with nary a blog post this year. In no particular order here are the things he is trying to master:

  • crawalking - a combination of crawling and walking
  • talking - he's quite the conversationalist but his views on free market economics leave a bit to be desired
  • getting sick - seems like he is batting over 800 in the getting sick department
  • oozing - (see "getting sick")
So, there you have a little synopsis of JBM.
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Aunt T said:

It's about time Jonah's Dad produced an update! We relatives from afar have been starving for updates. Nice toy - I want one for my next birthday!

Stay healthy, Jonah!! Keep thinking healthy thoughts. No more ooooozziing!

memere said:

You forgot to mention:
being inquisitive and charming, especially when females are around;
becoming a "little boy" as compared to a baby;
blinking the eyes and smiling the smile whenever a camera appears! PLUS.. being the most wonder-filled grandson ever! I am seriously thinking of moving to be closer to this child.. don't worry..only on odd numbered days!

chaia said:

Do they sell those onesies in, say, a women's size 6?

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