Back From Oakland


Well, we all made it back safe and sound from our trip to Oakland for Kieron and Erica's wedding. Woo hoo newlyweds!

Jonah got to spend some quality time with Grandma Susan and when we say quality, we mean QUALITY. The little tyke is a seducer let me tell you. He waves, he smiles he says "Hiiiii" in his sing song voice and the ladies melt. Three women in the airport almost took him with them. Which probably would have been a good thing for Mom and Dad since JBM was in the process of blowing off his afternoon nap. "You want him? Be my guest!"

Anyhoo, did you notice the little nugget of a milestone in that above paragraph? Jonah is talking! He says Hi, Buh-bye and nana (for banana). He's also starting to say bird, ball and bubble but that all comes out as Buhhh. When he drops something, he says "uh-oh" even when he drops it on purpose. It's very cute. The ladies love it. Next on the agenda for phrases he will speak are "Birdie-num-num." and "I'll change that diaper for you Dad."

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Arin said:

There's another milestone in that paragraph: Blowing off the afternoon nap! Harper's been doing the same thing intermittently, and apparently it's not uncommon for kids to drop one nap around one year. Heaven help us...Lordy, how I love those naps!

Hopefully Jonah won't be so booked up with his lady friends next time he's in Oakland so he can meet up with Harper at the park! They can while away the afternoon talking about H's two favorite things: balls and balloons. Even when neither is anywhere in sight, H regales us with his two new words almost constantly.

memere said:

I hope you are making recordings of Jonah's first words so we on the Right Coast can listen with pride to his newest accomplishments! He is fast becoming his own person.. I miss him..and you both too!

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