The Grandparents Have Landed


Another successful visit by doting relatives of JBM. Not only did Grandpa and Grandma get to see Jonah eat a heaping helping of sand at the beach, they were also treated to the patented "Never Ending Runny Nose." Tis' a sight to behold let me tell you. Despite these proclivities, Jonah did manage to once again charm the pants off of them. He's like the Energizer bunny that way I guess.

The onslaught of words continues by the way. Our little JBM is actively saying no. Here's a sample of a daily conversation:
Parent: Want to take a bath Jonah?
Jonah: No. (with head shaking)
Parent: Are you ready for bed wee one?
Jonah: No.(with more head shaking)
Parent Can we put on your pajamas buddy?
Jonah: No. (emphatic head shaking)
Parent: Want to go to Disneyland?
Jonah: ....(silence)...
Parent: Nicely played little man.

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memere and gran-memere said:

What a sweet picture! He is changing so quickly, from a baby to a little boy..we loved the conversation of parent and Jonah. Sounds like something I heard years and years ago!!!! All our love, The Mems

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