An Oldie (Relatively Speaking)

This one's from a while ago, about 4 months. But if you were Jonah's age, that'd be about a quarter of your life so that'd be a long time ago. (Lord knows I don't remember much from the late 90's). It's from our pal Doug's visit in February. See, I'm not the only one who takes tons of photos of the JBM.

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gillian said:

I feel Doug really captured THE BOY's can-do attitude.

memere said:

Look at those arms! Has Jonah been working out with Dad?? Thank you friend for sharing.. and thank you for posting yet another great picture of the Boy..

Azriel said:

Those arms are built for pinching!

I bought some books using your Amazon search. Do you get a commission on everything I bought? I wasn't sure if there was more to it than just using it to get to the Amazon page.

Aunt Therese said:

Cool Bball shirt, Jonah! I'm looking forward to shooting some hoops with you very soon.

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