Jonah Going Mobile


We are through the looking glass people. It's a brave new world. The future's so bright I gotta wear shades. All those clich├ęs you heard are true. When your kid starts walking (like Jonah!), things change dramatically.

Yep, you got it right. Little Jonah is on the move. Hide the crackers! Lock your women up! Jonah now puts one foot in front of the other and ambulates. Sometimes he even perambulates. He's not the speediest or stablest toddler on the block so your crackers and womenfolk are safe for now. But you have been warned!

Also, because the kid doesn't have enough going on in his life right now, we've started to wean him. So far, two days sans la boobie and he's doing....mmmm...OK. He screams like a banshee for a minute or two before bed (" MMMARRGGGHHHH!!! WHERE'S MY POSTPRANDIAL SNACK!!??? I CURSE YOU AND YOUR OFFSPRING!!...uh..whoops...JUST YOU..NOT YOUR OFFSPRING!!"....zzzzzz) but he's working through it.

So, big changes are afoot. Har har.

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memere said:

Yippee!! Jonah can now walk the beach with me while in Little Compton.. His stance in the photo looks likes he's a professional model! Can't wait for mid July...

Oh my -we knew the crab walk was just a phase;it will be missed. Really walking now,wow!He looks like he's saying -What ,what's the big deal ,it's nothing folks. We will stash all the cleaning supplies and other breakables for the upcoming visit. Waiting patiently to see you ! Happy 4th. Love, Gramma Jan

I guess Mom and Dad's honeymoon is officially over! Well just wait, in another 10 years he'll be getting his own cereal, feeding himself, doing dishes, taking out the trash, making his bed and driving you crazy at EB Games, etc. All because he's walking now.

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