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Above you will find a photo of Jonah and his buddy Cedar during her birthday. She just turned one so join us in wishing her a hearty congratulations. Go Cedar!

Below you will find a list of words that Jonah "says." They aren't all pronounced correctly (e.g. banana comes out as "nana") but that's what makes it so darned cute. Assume that anything in the list that is a noun goes in his mouth. Kudos to Mom for compiling the list. Go GB!

  • apple
  • baby
  • ball
  • banana
  • bath
  • bear
  • bird
  • blocks
  • book
  • bottle
  • bowl
  • box
  • bubble
  • bus
  • bye bye
  • car
  • cat
  • cheese
  • cracker
  • cup
  • dada
  • diaper
  • dog
  • door
  • down
  • ear
  • eye
  • flower
  • glasses
  • grandma
  • grandpa
  • hair
  • hands
  • hello
  • hi
  • hot
  • kazoo
  • keys
  • lap
  • leg
  • lid
  • light
  • lock
  • mama
  • memere
  • milk
  • more
  • night night
  • no (oh no)
  • nose
  • off
  • on
  • open
  • pants
  • pen
  • phone
  • shoes
  • spoon
  • toys
  • truck
  • uh oh
  • up
  • window
  • yellow
  • yep, yeah
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Jonah you're getting to be such a big boy! Now you're talking! We need to see you before you start college! We'll have to get together when we get back in town - we have a birthday present for you, yes long overdue, it would be nice to get it to you before you turn 2... Hugs to your Mama and Dada!

memere said:

What a great surprise: seeing all the words Jonah can say when I returned from visiting with his cousin Jake who has a great vocabulary! Jonah will have much to say while in RI and visiting with Jake.. can't wait to see you ALL!!!

Azriel said:

I like the fact that any time I want to feel a rush of happiness and warmth, all I have to do is look at the photos on this blog. Thanks for doing it.

Aunt Therese said:

Looking forward to having a deep and serious conversation with the little man during his visit to RI in July! Way to go Jonah!

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