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So, your beloved author got some grief from certain parties that the haircut picture of Jonah was a "sad" one. But I ask you, dear reader, would any man descended from Samson like having his hair rendered asunder? I say nay! "Fie on you and your despised shears!" says Jonah.

Nonetheless, here you have two photos of a happy smiling JBM. Enjoy!

P.S.: Mein Gott! When did this little boy move into our house?

P.P.S: Jonah's new word: "wacky."

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Big day here in JBM Land. Jonah got his first real haircut! His days as a long haired hippie are over. He's a clean cut future Republican now. (Please NO!)

There was some struggling and strum and dang but we all got through it. Yay!

After the haircut, it was time for some park time to come down from that high. Then we threw caution to the wind and hopped right back on that roller coaster we call Raising A Child. We went to get the little tyke his first pair of walking shoes! That didn't involve quite as much struggle as the hair cut. He seemed pretty happy to be wearing shoes once they were on so it was all good.

So, there you have it! Thankfully, it wasn't a day of first trip to the ER or first visit from child protective services or first day of daddy's bourbon drinking.

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