Haircut 2007: The Aftermath



So, your beloved author got some grief from certain parties that the haircut picture of Jonah was a "sad" one. But I ask you, dear reader, would any man descended from Samson like having his hair rendered asunder? I say nay! "Fie on you and your despised shears!" says Jonah.

Nonetheless, here you have two photos of a happy smiling JBM. Enjoy!

P.S.: Mein Gott! When did this little boy move into our house?

P.P.S: Jonah's new word: "wacky."

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memere said:

What a handsome little boy! What cheeks! What a smile! I'm smitten!!!

Aunt Therese said:

But where's Jonah's neck? He has no neck! Didn't Crickie, a very long time ago, call Justin the "No Neck Monster" or was it Seth? Jonah is taking after his father (or uncle). Whatever. See you all very soon!

Margaret said:

Jonah, don't let them tell you that a well-managed haircut means you can't rock just as hard.

Comment from Nic...
OH MAN! Why is it that parents just won't leave our heads alone?! Maybe us kids like our hair long!!!

Comment from the parents...
Awwww, look how cute he is!!!

Justin Author Profile Page said:

Wow, that sure is a Mason face, no???

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