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My oh my, what a long strange trip it's been...and we aren't even done with the first 2% yet. The Boy turned 18 months old today. You may be asking yourself, "How do those hipster Los Angelenos celebrate their child's 18 month birthday?" No, it's not beer volcanoes and strippers. For us, it's all about trips to the doctor and immunizations. Fun fun fun for the whole family.

So, the boy got poked, prodded and measured today. Turns out he's not the same size and weight as a large safe. He's 32 inches tall and weighs 28.4 pounds. Who knew?

After that, he got a visit from his Grandma Susan and Great Aunt Helene (not at the doctors, at home silly). Nice treat as the Boy loves the ladies. From there it was a trip to the beach and a stroll along the Santa Monica Pier. then it was off to bed. Despite the caterwauling during the immunizations, it was a great day.

Happy 18 month birthday Jonah!

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Welcome to the world of Jonah (or "NOnah" as he is wont to call himself). Where blog posts come very irregularly and elevators are the best thing since mother's milk and shredded cheese.

Lots of goings on in the last 60 or so days of non-posting:

  • Went for a trip to RI. Great big ball of fun.
  • Took swim lessons. More interested in the steps into the pool and the elevator at the pool than actual swimming.
  • Learned the word "other." We are still looking for this "other daddy" character he keeps talking about.
  • Started saying "I lub you." Greatest thing EVER!

But the biggest happening was that Jonah stayed in Santa Monica with his maternal grandparents (as well as visits from his great aunt) while his parents took off to the hinterlands of this country (aka Washington, DC) and picked up JBM a new aunt (HI GLORIA!). For those of you keeping track at home, that's about 2680 miles between Jonah and his parents. Prior to this trip, the longest distance between him and his parents was about 2 inches. And what did he do to celebrate his hard won independence? Why, get a fever of 104 degrees of course! Besides that it was a great success. Everyone had a great time and the grandparents even said they would do it again! He must have hit them with one of his "I lub you"s.

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