Let’s End All This Feuding and Fussing and Get Down to Some Loving

jonah smile

Complaints have been received in the head office about the quality of the last post. Apparently, some people don't like the derriere du Jonah. So, we hereby declare a month long hiatus of posts about Jonah's posterior. We hope this saves us from losing readers.

And yes, Jonah does wear that hat a lot.

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memere Author Profile Page said:

I disagree! Jonah's derriere was delightful, as were his chunky legs!
His face, however, is more appreciated by this grandson-starved Mem. He changes from picture to picture.. can't wait to see the realthing!

Azriel said:

I also disagree. It's very helpful for me to see Jonah from every angle. That way the robot version I'm building is more accurate.

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