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Judd's Baby

Exciting news from our neighbors to the North. Jonah has a new cousin! Plenty of pics are available over at So go over there and scope out his new family. We’ll wait until you come back.

When we say North, we mean waaaaaay North. the latest addition to his cousintastic world is in Vancouver Canada. So, let’s kick of a rousing version of "O Canada" and welcome Judd and Gloria’s new baby boy!

UPDATE: The boy has a name: Jed Terence Christopher Mason. Welcome Jed!

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Cedar and Jonah

Jonah and Cedar out for a Saturday morning drive.

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Jonah Pirate

Avast ye scurvy wretches! Thar' be a seaworthy lad with a special present for you on the poop deck! Arrr!!

If ye not be willing to change him, ye will be keelhauled in the mornin'.

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