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We guarantee there will be more Christmas related posts in the future but wanted to get this one up toute de suite. Here's a picture of Jonah chillaxin on Christmas Day. Soon after this photo was taken he launched himself into space from the excitement of all the presents he received on Christmas.

Picture courtesy of Eileen "Grandma" Cowin.

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Jonah wearing a tie

So, Daddy was putting on a tie for the office Christmas party and Jonah, in his inimitable way, asked “Whatizziz?” Upon being informed what Daddy was donning he replied with the mandatory “Want it.” Luckily, Daddy has quite the collection of ties that he has no problem letting The Boy wear while said toddler is eating dinner. That combined with Jonah’s new habit of smiling when asked, gets us the photo above. Or maybe Jonah feels pain when he wears a tie. Who can say what’s going on in the mind of that lad?

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Jonah In Car

The Baby, he is no longer a baby. He is A Boy. He walks, he talks, he laughs, he cries, he poops, he drives.

Jonah continues his upward trajectory in growth (physical and mental). The crazy lad is starting to speak in full sentences. Sometimes he even tells stories. Wild convoluted stories about putting the gate down and opening doors but stories nonetheless. Call us sometime, he’ll talk to you and tell you all about it.

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