Jonah Tie-ing One On

Jonah wearing a tie

So, Daddy was putting on a tie for the office Christmas party and Jonah, in his inimitable way, asked “Whatizziz?” Upon being informed what Daddy was donning he replied with the mandatory “Want it.” Luckily, Daddy has quite the collection of ties that he has no problem letting The Boy wear while said toddler is eating dinner. That combined with Jonah’s new habit of smiling when asked, gets us the photo above. Or maybe Jonah feels pain when he wears a tie. Who can say what’s going on in the mind of that lad?

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memere Author Profile Page said:

Another executive in the making?? Looking good, Jonah!
Has he had another haircut?

seth Author Profile Page said:

Still no haircut. He needs one badly.

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