Yay! Only 364 More Days of the Terrible Two's

jonah bug butt

Today, Jonah turned two years old. We celebrated in grand style by first opening his present from Mommy and Daddy (wooden food he can slice!) and then going to his favorite place that doesn’t involve nodding donkeys with his best buddy in the whole world, Cedar. His Memere, Mom and Dad and Cedar’s mommy went along as well. Good times were had by all. Then it was off to his buddy Elias’ birthday party where he was kind of cranky (he is two after all) but he warmed up after a bit. Then, it was off to open Memere’s present (a pirate ship! ARRRR!) and then off to bed. His party is Sunday so expect more glad tidings then.

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Happy Birthday Jonah!

Jonah is going to have the "Terrific Two's" and start a new trend.

Is that what happens when one sits on a, hmmm, is that Kermit??

Looking forward to seeing the Terrific Two'd gent and the Mr. and Mrs. on Sunday!

Great Aunt Therese Author Profile Page said:

Ahhh! Did my little nephew sit on my best buddy, Kermit?!! I'm traumatized!

I hope Jonah had a grand birthday and a fun birthday party!

Mellydoll Author Profile Page said:

This donkey nods "yay! yay! yay!" vigorously.

Chelsea Author Profile Page said:

I still say that looks like a frog butt.

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