Wanna See The Gorillas!


We finally got into see our pediatrician for JBM’s two year check-up. Apparently, he (the doctor, not Jonah) goes to help kids in Honduras, so he’s a superstar in our book. Jonah seems quite fond of him as well (even though he gets jabbed with a needle almost every time he sees the doc). This time he got vaccinated for Hepatitis A so now Jonah gets to eat all the unwashed lettuce and stool infested water he can find. Let me tell you, that makes parenting a whole bunch easier.

As for statistics, for those of you keeping track at home, Jonah is about 34.75 inches long and 32 pounds heavy. I say about because he was squirming and screaming during the whole process of measuring. This was before he even got his shot. Guess he knew what he had coming.

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memere Author Profile Page said:

What a grimace! Even a gorilla would be scared.. Quite a hefty lad you are, Jonah. I can't wait to see the oil derricks again with you..hugs and kisses to your 32 pound self!

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