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jonah pony ride On Saturday, we took a little trip to Griffith Park to visit the trains and the ponies with The Boy. And, we can say, that the day was a huge success. Lots and lots of fun was had by all parties attending. JBM liked the pony ride so much that he did it twice. To top it all off, Dad won $50 bucks betting on the ponies, so the fun cost us virtually nothing.

Supposedly, they offer bulk tickets for the pony rides so JBM should be bowlegged, wearing a funny hat and saying “Giddyup” by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Two thumbs up for Griffith Park from our family.

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Jonah Car

Using his superior negotiating skills and overwhelming charm, Jonah was able to negotiate quite the deal for the Cobra above. Would you believe Grandpa sold it to JBM for only $5?

Unfortunately, Grandpa didn't actually own the car so there was some stonewalling at the DMV. Something about title and insurance and blah blah blah. You know how bureaucracy works. By then it was time for a nap so JBM forgot all about the car and decided his dookus was blowing in the wind...whatever the heck that means.

Anyhow, we are back from a very successful vacation in Rhode Island. More posts to follow.

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