More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys



Halloween 2008: HUGE SUCCESS! Not only is having an ambulatory boy a huge ingredient to a succesful All Hallows Eve, but a verbal one makes it even better. Make note, "Trick of Treat" and "Thank You" will net you at least two extra pieces of candy.

At first, The Boy was a tad shy but by the 76th house he was a pro and was up the walkway and back in under 20 seconds. The real surprise though was that he agreed to only eat one piece of candy at the end of the night.

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Jonah you are too adorable! Happy Halloween little monkey!

memere Author Profile Page said:

Jonah, you make a very attractive monkey! You and your dad look like you had fun with the pumpkins.. except for the poor one on which you both are sitting!!!

Mellydoll Author Profile Page said:

They say Halloween is when our true being comes out.

Mr. and Mrs. Slackorama a.k.a. Jonah's peop's, post a new post before the boy runs off to college! Please.

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