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Los Angeles Sanitation had an open house yesterday and JBM got all his trash compacting wishes satisfied.  He also got to "drive" a forklift and sidewalk sweeper. He also got a mini recycling bin which hasn't left his hand. 

Good times were had by all.  Highly recommended.

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JBM in big boy bed

For those of you keeping track at home, here's another milestone to check off. Jonah has made the leap (and we do mean leap) from crib to twin bid (a.k.a. Big Boy Bed). So far, so good *cough cough*.

And when we say leap, we do mean leap. Jonah got in his idea to do backwards leaps using his crib headboard whilst holding onto the side rails. Sometimes, he even managed the full flip, much to his delight. Good times, good times. Only aged Mommy and Daddy an additional 10 years.

Thus, we decided to upgrade and what you see above is our little Pride and Joy surrounded by his current favorite brands: Thomas the Tank Engine and WALL-E (Animusic thankfully doesn't make any bedroom related items). Thanks to The Woodsworth Trio for the Thomas bed tent thingamabob!

We'll leave it to your imaginations as to why the guard rail is there (You don't see the bruise on his forehead, do you?).

jonah flying and smiling

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Jonah and Daddy at park

Just a recent photo to show how long and lean JBM is getting. Is it me or does he look 6 years old in this photo?

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jonah's got a new 'do

People, I can't stress this enough, DO NOT PUT electric eels in the bathtub with your toddler.

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