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Today was another SoCal scorcher. I thought I would take the boy and his pal to a nice shady park (see the canopy?), but there was little shelter to take. Still, the wee ones played their strange games...
I don't know how it started. By the time I got close enough to take a picture, J was looking out from his post proclaiming, "I am the best of ma'am."

Then C took a turn announcing that she is the best of ma'am. They did this, by turns, for a few minutes.

I don't know who is the best (or the craziest), but I can say that they were very fun to hang out with on a sun-filled morning.

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memere Author Profile Page said:

Gillian, the colors are so vivid! The wee ones look great.. how about their poor sweltering mommies??
RI weather, if it holds to what it has been, will be a relief to you all!

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