Gimme a Four!


Where, oh where, has the time gone? Has it really been four years since he was born? Indeed it has.

Sunday marked the 4th year that Jonah has been on this planet. We celebrated with many friends and family in scenic Virginia Park. The theme was games. There were numerous board games splayed about as well as markers and paper to draw. Good times were had by all.

And today it was time for his four year checkup at Dr. Wasson's. So break out your score cards, spreadsheets and graphs! Here are the stats for our wee lad:

  • Height: 41 inches

  • Weight: 43 pounds

Almost a perfect square! Incidentally, 41 inches is also the optimum height for punching one's 75 inch tall father in the groin. Just in case you were wondering.

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memere Author Profile Page said:

Four years old!! You have added so much to our lives... Hope your day was fantastic.. just like YOU!!

Azriel Author Profile Page said:

I didn't realize that parks have counters and cabinets now. Or is that an LA thing?

Be sure to get that groin hitting on video so you can win money on AFV. They can't get enough of that. Seriously.

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