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What a Dad sees: Cool! A fire hydrant. I'll take a photo of Jonah with that.
What a Mom sees: I am not letting my son touch anything that a dog urinates all over.


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People, we have the ultimate present for the little JBM. Imagine the hours and hours of enjoyment that he would get. He'd be singing your praises from the bow of this mighty ship every day! Heck, Dad would be right up there with him if you purchased this club house. And it only costs $18,499.00! And you need to have a forklift ready when it arrives to unload it! It'd probably be helpful if you bought Mom and Dad a house with a yard along with this present so we'd have a place to put it. Don't think it would fit in the dinky front yard of our apartment building.

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We are getting reports from our East Coast correspondents that there's a new kid on the block: a cousin for little JBM. As an experienced and worldly 3 month old, Jonah would like to extend a hearty "welcome to the universe" to his new cousin Oliver Sobering. Initial newsfeeds indicate that the tyke offically entered the cutest baby in the world contest yesterday. Another big entrant too: 21.25 inches long and 8 pounds 11 ounces in weight ( What are all these women eating to grow such big babies?). Everybody is doing great and quite excited with each other.

Hopefully pictures to follow soon. And perhaps a blog for wee Oliver?

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Just gearing up for a fun filled weekend with the ladies! The list of beauties signing up to spend time with Jonah this weekend includes one mother, one great-grandmother, three grandmothers and two (maybe three) great-aunts...all at the same time. Admittedly, the mother is always there so he's pretty much used to her. Should be fun for the boy nonetheless. Dad and grandpa will probably be cowering in the corner muttering "where are the damn uncles ."

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We finally finished painting the baby's room. As you can see, we went with an orange grove theme. Hopefully the little one won't grow up to hate oranges. I guess a quick alteration could make them apples or plums. I put up a bunch of photos documenting the whole process over at flickr.

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Oh yeah! These are going on the top of the bag we bring to the hospital, along with the whiskey and bonbons.

tbborderfront.jpg tbborderback.jpg

Let me know if you want one. If I get enough interest I'll place another order. It won't guarntee you entrance into the delivery room though.
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