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cousins 2010

OK, we've been back for about two weeks and I'm just starting to go through the photos. Found this good one of the cousins that I had to post. So, here it is. We had a great time visiting everyone.

Thanks for a great trip!

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halloween 2009

Here's a photo from Halloween of Jonah and his buddy Ray The Dinosaur as they embark on their Halloween revelry. Mirth, merriment and web shooting ensued.

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Jonah, cousins and Grandpa

So, Big Daddy was going through the trainwreck that is his desk this fine Saturday evening, Lo and behold, what did he find? A neglected SD card. Hmm, wonder what's on this?

Photos from our trip to Utah of course. FROM BACK IN APRIL.

Hopefully, this photo will lower your core body temperature during these balmy July days. Stick around, who knows what he'll find three months from now.

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JBM in big boy bed

For those of you keeping track at home, here's another milestone to check off. Jonah has made the leap (and we do mean leap) from crib to twin bid (a.k.a. Big Boy Bed). So far, so good *cough cough*.

And when we say leap, we do mean leap. Jonah got in his idea to do backwards leaps using his crib headboard whilst holding onto the side rails. Sometimes, he even managed the full flip, much to his delight. Good times, good times. Only aged Mommy and Daddy an additional 10 years.

Thus, we decided to upgrade and what you see above is our little Pride and Joy surrounded by his current favorite brands: Thomas the Tank Engine and WALL-E (Animusic thankfully doesn't make any bedroom related items). Thanks to The Woodsworth Trio for the Thomas bed tent thingamabob!

We'll leave it to your imaginations as to why the guard rail is there (You don't see the bruise on his forehead, do you?).

jonah flying and smiling

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Jonah and Daddy at park

Just a recent photo to show how long and lean JBM is getting. Is it me or does he look 6 years old in this photo?

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jonah's got a new 'do

People, I can't stress this enough, DO NOT PUT electric eels in the bathtub with your toddler.

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Jonah upside down

I don’t know about you, but in our house, various laws of physics don’t apply. For instance, Newton’s so-called “Law of Gravity”? Not here. JBM is just as happy to walk on the ceiling as well as the floor.

And did you know that “in 5 minutes” actually means in “about 2 hours when I’m done with this train.”? Yep, Jonah also pays no heed to your silly Euclidian space ideas.

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Took a little jaunt to the LA Zoo this weekend with the Pogos. You can read more about it on Spencer’s Blog. Suffice it to say much fun was had.

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Jonah and Spencer

Jonah and Spencer got to “borrow” Cedar’s backyard while she was visiting her grandmother in Michigan. Needless to say they, took advantage of it by sitting in her chairs and eating all her porridge. Good thing Memere was there to keep them from getting really out of hand.

After that they stole her car and took it for a joyride. Oh wait, that doesn’t happen for another 15 or so years. But really, don’t these lads look like they are old enough to drive? GAH!

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full frontal

front close up

The Brecker and I have both recovered from the bronchitis craze that's sweeping the nation. Not totally recovered mind you but enough to snap a few photos of the belly.

We are 29 weeks in and the little bugger is in full soccer mode. Lately, it's been more fun to watch random patterns pop up on The Brecker Belly than watch TV. There doesn't seem to be a pattern or words being spelled out so we've ruled out demonic possesion for the time being.

By the way, for those of you counting at home, 29 weeks means that we have 11 weeks to go. EEEEK.

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The Side.jpg

Announcing the first ever BellyBlog contest!! Be the person who correctly guesstimates when the Brecker Belly Button™ transforms itself from an innie to an outie and we will guarantee as much as humanly possible that the 3rd word The Child learns will be your name. That's even better than having Carl Kassel on your home answering machine! How could you resist entering wth such a lucrative prize waiting for you? Put your guess in the comments. One guess per person please. The Brecker is barely an innie right now so get your votes in fast.

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The Front

Here's a new update from the front.
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Just over the half-way point and the belly is mighty impressive. Reality has set in and everyone's walking around going "You look pregnant."
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Much to The Brecker's chargin, the belly is gaining a pound a week from this point

Behold the glory of the belly.
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At about this time, the belly is holding a grain of rice...or is it a squid? I forget but it's small.
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First picture of the belly with its new occupant.
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