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So, we entered JBM in a Lego building contest. Actually, he wanted to enter and here's what he built all by himself. He calls it "Jonah King Castle." How he found the time to build it between all the time he spends drumming is beyond us.

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Where, oh where, has the time gone? Has it really been four years since he was born? Indeed it has.

Sunday marked the 4th year that Jonah has been on this planet. We celebrated with many friends and family in scenic Virginia Park. The theme was games. There were numerous board games splayed about as well as markers and paper to draw. Good times were had by all.

And today it was time for his four year checkup at Dr. Wasson's. So break out your score cards, spreadsheets and graphs! Here are the stats for our wee lad:

  • Height: 41 inches

  • Weight: 43 pounds

Almost a perfect square! Incidentally, 41 inches is also the optimum height for punching one's 75 inch tall father in the groin. Just in case you were wondering.

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Jonah, cousins and Grandpa

So, Big Daddy was going through the trainwreck that is his desk this fine Saturday evening, Lo and behold, what did he find? A neglected SD card. Hmm, wonder what's on this?

Photos from our trip to Utah of course. FROM BACK IN APRIL.

Hopefully, this photo will lower your core body temperature during these balmy July days. Stick around, who knows what he'll find three months from now.

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JBM in big boy bed

For those of you keeping track at home, here's another milestone to check off. Jonah has made the leap (and we do mean leap) from crib to twin bid (a.k.a. Big Boy Bed). So far, so good *cough cough*.

And when we say leap, we do mean leap. Jonah got in his idea to do backwards leaps using his crib headboard whilst holding onto the side rails. Sometimes, he even managed the full flip, much to his delight. Good times, good times. Only aged Mommy and Daddy an additional 10 years.

Thus, we decided to upgrade and what you see above is our little Pride and Joy surrounded by his current favorite brands: Thomas the Tank Engine and WALL-E (Animusic thankfully doesn't make any bedroom related items). Thanks to The Woodsworth Trio for the Thomas bed tent thingamabob!

We'll leave it to your imaginations as to why the guard rail is there (You don't see the bruise on his forehead, do you?).

jonah flying and smiling

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Jonah and Daddy at park

Just a recent photo to show how long and lean JBM is getting. Is it me or does he look 6 years old in this photo?

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jonah's got a new 'do

People, I can't stress this enough, DO NOT PUT electric eels in the bathtub with your toddler.

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jonah 3rd birthday

Jonah and trains

It seems like only yesterday, our wee bairn was born. And now, lo and behold, it’s 3 years later and he’s turning into quite the little boy. We celebrated by heading down to San Diego for a trip to SeaWorld and the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. Much fun was had and many gaskets were blown. JBM set a land speed record for running from one train to another we think. Needless to say, we are so proud.

Then it was back home for our annual doctor’s visit. Update your scorecards, as JBM now weighs in at 38 pounds and heights in at 38 inches. He’s a perfect square, which makes no sense for someone born on 3.14.

Thanks to everyone who sent cards and presents. We are overwhelmed with your kindness.

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Jonah The Moneky

Did you know that Halloween costumes also function as pajamas? No? Now you do. The Monkey is back.

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Toddlers are all about extremes, right? What better way to document that than an extreme close-up?

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jonah and blocks

Thanks to a whole slew of generous relatives, JBM made out like a bandit this Christmas (his third one for those counting at home). The loot is too bountiful to mention in a single blog post but suffice it to say, many electrons would be used if I were to list all the gifts.

Thanks to everyone who made it such a huge success.

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tricycle boy

Thanks to Mémère, Jonah is the proud owner of a brand new tricycle. He’s been a big fan of three wheels ever since he started pre-school so this gift was an easy three points. He’s been cruising up and down the block since he got it. The only problem is that Mom and Dad won’t let him ride in the street or bash into their cars.

Methinks we have a daredevil on our hands. Thanks Mémère!

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Jonah upside down

I don’t know about you, but in our house, various laws of physics don’t apply. For instance, Newton’s so-called “Law of Gravity”? Not here. JBM is just as happy to walk on the ceiling as well as the floor.

And did you know that “in 5 minutes” actually means in “about 2 hours when I’m done with this train.”? Yep, Jonah also pays no heed to your silly Euclidian space ideas.

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jonah and the greens

Why, yes. He does eat his greens.

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Halloween 2008: HUGE SUCCESS! Not only is having an ambulatory boy a huge ingredient to a succesful All Hallows Eve, but a verbal one makes it even better. Make note, "Trick of Treat" and "Thank You" will net you at least two extra pieces of candy.

At first, The Boy was a tad shy but by the 76th house he was a pro and was up the walkway and back in under 20 seconds. The real surprise though was that he agreed to only eat one piece of candy at the end of the night.

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Today Jonah got his first taste of interacting with the masses. He and his mother took a Culver City bus down to the Marina. Much fun was had by all parties. Dad met up with them after work for some dining nearby. He didn't make them take the bus back.

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Took a little jaunt to the LA Zoo this weekend with the Pogos. You can read more about it on Spencer’s Blog. Suffice it to say much fun was had.

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jonah pony ride On Saturday, we took a little trip to Griffith Park to visit the trains and the ponies with The Boy. And, we can say, that the day was a huge success. Lots and lots of fun was had by all parties attending. JBM liked the pony ride so much that he did it twice. To top it all off, Dad won $50 bucks betting on the ponies, so the fun cost us virtually nothing.

Supposedly, they offer bulk tickets for the pony rides so JBM should be bowlegged, wearing a funny hat and saying “Giddyup” by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Two thumbs up for Griffith Park from our family.

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Jonah Car

Using his superior negotiating skills and overwhelming charm, Jonah was able to negotiate quite the deal for the Cobra above. Would you believe Grandpa sold it to JBM for only $5?

Unfortunately, Grandpa didn't actually own the car so there was some stonewalling at the DMV. Something about title and insurance and blah blah blah. You know how bureaucracy works. By then it was time for a nap so JBM forgot all about the car and decided his dookus was blowing in the wind...whatever the heck that means.

Anyhow, we are back from a very successful vacation in Rhode Island. More posts to follow.

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Jonah and L.

And so it goes.

Jonah’s good buddy L. moved away last month. He was one of the first little boys that Jonah ever met outside his immediate circle of friends. And while there was some “give and take” when it came to the sharing of toys (especially trucks), they did have a whole slew of good times together.

Quite the mixed bag, this passing of milestones. Let’s keep friends moving to other cities to a minimum, shall we people? Because it just reminds this author about The Boy someday moving out into the world. And then what would we blog about?

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