Firefox Extensions

I've been using Firefox for awhile now and thought I'd post the extensions I use.

  • Bloglines Toolkit - If you use Bloglines for your news aggregator, then this extension is indispensible. It's got the notifier as well as context menu subscription options.
  • Resize The Search Box - Why Firefox doesn't ship with this I'll never know but this one's golden. Allows you to increase the size of the search box. Read the comments to see how to get it working properly.
  • Web Devloper - Anybody who does any development of HTML pages should find this extension just what the doctor ordered. Allows you to make live edits to the CSS of pages, gives you plentiful validation options, and much more. I used to have a bunch of bookmarklets that did some of this but the Web Developer extension did away with them all.

If you are running Firefox, what extensions do you have installed? If you aren't running Firefox, why not?


Download Android emulators from Firefox and Install on Windows PC/Laptop. After that download

Videoder for PC to download videos, Install
Vidmate for PC using Vidmate APK from
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Are there any developers tools and extensions in the Firefox browsers, as I mostly use Safari and Chrome for developing operations and working for my Website Designing Company in Dubai, but cannot neglect Firefox because of its specific features, so suggest me some good add-ons and tools best for developer's usage.

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