My busted wrist

Thanks to my lack of ability to run backwards with any semblance of coordination attempting a 720 tomahawk dunk and slamming my wrist on the top of the backboard during a recent basketball game, I now am the proud owner of a black fiberglass cast.

At first I thought I only sprained my wrist but the increased swelling and constant pain slowly dissuaded me of that folly. After two days I decided to go to the doctor's office.

In answer to a few questions: it hurt like hell, 8 weeks, still working, I'll be able to change diapers and I do it left-handed now.


Ack! How will you play the XBox?

No Xbox for quite some time. Gripping things is very difficult.

i didn't realize until i spent some time on your fine site what a total techie geek you have become since we last crossed paths many years ago. Nice work. Glad to see you have developed some useful skills. Sigh, we've all come such a long way.

You do WHAT left-handed???????

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