New LEGO Mindstorms Kit

LEGO is finally rolling out a new version of their Mindstorms kit. The first one came out in 1998 and it hasn't really been updated since then (besides getting USB and some new pieces) . The LEGO group announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas yesterday that LEGO Mindstorms NXT would be available in August 2006. Looks like it'll be pretty sweet as it'll have Bluetooth and a 32 bit processor. The Bluetooth is quite cool because you'll be able to control it from other Bluetooth enabled devies, like your cell phone. Also, you'll be able to program it from a Windows or Mac machine (which is a first). Lots of possibilities here. The kid will be 5 months old at that point. Maybe I could build an electronic baby sitter?

Gizmodo has a bunch of pictures.

LEGO Group Press Release

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