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Tricks Used By Fake Packers and Movers Cheat People

Selecting a professional packers and movers in Mumbai, is one of the best ways to knock out the stress and save some precious time. However, when searching for the moving companies, it is imperative that you do not become a victim of the moving scammers. There are lots of cases, where some of the fraud shifting service providers have betrayed the trust of the customers by providing them misleading information and extract more money from them. They are carrying an unethical business and in such a situation, it is imperative that you must stay alert of the common moving scams and protect your valuable belongings going into the wrong hands.

There are some fraud movers and packers in Mumbai that cheat the customers to make extra money. It is really important to maintain a long and safe distance from these deceitful companies by keeping below mentioned points in mind:

They may ask for extra fees
It is one of the most common scams carried out by the relocation service providers in Mumbai. Here, without giving you a prior notice, an extra fee is added on to the final bill that increases the original moving quote. Toll, fuel, extra labor charges, etc are some of the ways through which a relocation company may try to hike the bill amount. It is pivotal that all the promises made by a moving company must be in written agreement to avoid any kind of inconvenience later.

Your goods may be held hostage
You would not believe but it is really surprising to know that some of the dishonest packers and movers Mumbai may hold your goods hostage. They may say that "Your goods have been confiscated an extra amount of money will be required to free them". They will then add fees to your relocation cost and you do not have any other option but to pay the entire amount because you are stressed to get your valuable belongings back. Hence, it is extremely important to keep in consideration top rated movers packers Mumbai reviews for hiring the reputed service providers for the timely delivery of goods without any damage.

Asking for money for unloading of items
This is another common scam. In this case, a relocation service provider, loads your items and on the day of delivery demand extra money to unpack or unload them. It unloading of goods was mentioned in the agreement, then you must not entertain their request for more money.
Thus, by keeping the above mentioned tips into the consideration and hiring those packers and movers make sense offering top and reliable moving solution in Mumbai. Search for the best relocation service providers in your region and keep the stress at bay.

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Importance of Relocation Date for Smooth Shifting Process

A moving day is an important factor when it comes to saving on the relocation cost while shifting goods from Bangalore to Delhi. A specific moving date can be planned effectively by visiting the offices of the best packers and movers in your region and discussing with the experts and solving your query. The plan for hiring relocation service providers must not be made during weekends, as they are too busy during this particular period of time.
You must formulate a plan to relocate on following dates:
• Weekdays
• When the school session of your children ends
• Winter season
Set up a best moving date for seeking the assistance of reliable movers packers Bangalore companies and shift without any problems for moving heavier objects.
Steps Packers and Movers Take to Move Wardrobe
Moving a wardrobe in an effective manner is quite possible with the help from professional packers and movers.
• The right relocation service provider for shifting the large wardrobe can be easily found by carrying out the research work, one of the best ways for scouting renowned packers and movers.
• It is important to devise an effective strategy for moving wardrobe without any damage.
• All the clothes and other things kept in the drawers of wardrobe must be removed and packed in a strong moving box.
• The drawers must be properly strapped so that the Bangalore packers and movers companies can lift it easily and deliver it to your destination on time.
Steps Packers and Movers Take Shift a Book Shelf
No one can deny the very important fact that shifting a heavier object like a book shelf is certainly very difficult task when relocation is made to other location of Delhi. This is because if the wood of the furniture or a screw gets removed during the relocation process, then there is a very high degree of chance that the book shelf will also get damaged and moreover the books kept in it may also get misplaced. So, there are some of the important steps suggested by the reliable movers packers Delhi companies to pack and move the book shelf in an efficient manner without any further damage. So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the prominent steps for moving the shelf in a hassle free manner:

• First of all, remove all the book kept in the book shelf and keep them in a strong box so that they do not get misplaced.
• After removing the books, make sure to double check that all the things kept in it have been cleaned.
• If the screws as advised by the packers and movers can be removed, then remove the various parts of the shelf for the smooth shifting.
So, it is not only important to set up a specific moving date with the packers and movers firms but also they must be efficient enough to move the heavier objects in an error free manner.

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