The BBC said what?

Channeling my inner Beavis, this BBC headline made me guffaw: Charges laid in Polish sex case.



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Interesting news. I prefer subscribing to BBC news as they bring what is the truth behind the story and always give a detailed news. Thanks for sharing this news with the readers, catalina hotel I guess most are not aware about what happened with this case.

A former deputy prime minister caught on sex case, it is disgusting news. Leaders meant to be take a country forward and when they caught in this kind of cases, it will really kill the morality of a country. How sad!!

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Sex scandals are rocking the governments elsewhere and it is hard to know that Poland also had not been an exception. The judiciary must serve the interests of the people and not the ruling class to bring the perpetrators’ to justice. Also there is a possibility of exaggeration of the news since it is given by BBC who has their own policy of discrimination and prejudice against other countries. endometriosis diet

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