Don't Worry, Jonah's On The Scene

jonah fire boy

Here's a photo of wee JBM at the Fire Station in Culver City. Right after this picture was taken, he sliced his finger on a fire truck. Needless to say, if you are going to suffer bodily injury, a fire house is the place to do it. Lots of band aids around.

This happened a couple of weeks ago so the trauma has passed thankfully.

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memere Author Profile Page said:

Was the fire department having an "Open House"? Is this Jonah's newest career choice? He can save me any day!!! See you all very soon...Love you...

Arin Author Profile Page said:

Poor Jonah! Well, you saw Byrne's post about the Oakland FD coming to our block party to let the kids check out the truck. Right before they arrived, the neighborhood's resident out-of-control kid plowed into Harper with his scooter and Harper fell down and whacked his head on the concrete. We had the paramedics give him their standard head-injury exam, you know, as long as they were there! He was fine, of course, and we made sure they roughed up the neighborhood kid a bit--I mean, give him a little talk on scooter safety. ;-)

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