Jonah Meets Bee, Doesn't Like It

bee sting

Jonah got his first bee sting today. So much for Fuzzy Bee and Friends. All lies I tell you put out by the Apoidea propaganda industry. It should be “Angry Bee and Hateful Beings.” But now Jonah knows not to pick up dead bees so it was a learning experience.

And he got a Hello Kitty bandage.

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memere Author Profile Page said:

Poor Jonah! Nasty bee!! Not all learning experiences are so painful.. but at least he has a nifty bandage.

Boo to the Bee! Hello Kitty YAY! (my personal fav!) Well at least the good news is you now know he's not allergic to bees... I hope you're all doing well and that Jonah is doing better. I can't get over how much older he looks! I realize I keep saying it, we need to get together so Nic can have some Jonah time!

Hugs to you all!

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